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Short Stories - Dudley's latest Stream post

Short Stories

The Stream website just posted a new article by Dudley on "Short Stories."

I remember fondly sitting on the porch listening to my dad and his friends tell stories of their experiences. Some were so funny I would lose my breath laughing. Others were serious, but it was easy to see the lessons even when no one pointed them out.

Without interlocking stories, life’s experience is just a blur. It is then easy to reduce our lives to a search for moments of pleasure, avoiding anything inconvenient or complex.

Everyone has a story and it is worth hearing. Perhaps we could regain some lost ground in relationships if we took the time to think about our own story, listen to others tell their story, and read the Bible as the story that connects all the other stories with meaning and purpose.

Read the whole article at: https://stream.org/short-stories/

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