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From the Front Porch

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One of my fondest memories goes back to when I was a boy sitting on the front porch listening to the adults converse. There were some great stories that were part of that conversation--and some that weren't so great. There was a good deal of speculation and fair amount of...uh hmm...horse hockey. But there was also a lot of wisdom and a ton of just good salt of the earth common sense. In posting my thoughts on a blog, I'd like to offer the digital version of those front porch conversations--hopefully providing more of the wisdom and common sense sprinkled with some good stories and less of the other stuff. I hope you'll read and enjoy and leave me a comment or two.



They're Coming!

The refugees are coming! What shall we do? Various state governors are reacting to the risks of having supposedly hastily-vetted Syrian refugees resettled in their states. After what has happened in Paris, their concerns are understandable. We are not unaware that ruthless terrorists will use this opportunity to bolster their diabolical scheme to destroy. But there is a...

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When The Word Interprets Scripture

In the first meeting Jesus had with his disciples after his death and resurrection his focus was on interpreting Scripture (Luke 24). He began in Genesis and worked through the Hebrew Scriptures showing how all the texts spoke of him. He was not just mentioned in them; he was the subject of them. He did not just fulfill some of the prophecies; he is the fulfillment of all ...

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Value Investing

Few topics have drawn as much attention recently as investing. Multitudes are looking for new investment strategies, and I am part of that group. The parable in Luke 16:1-9,implies we should be shrewd as the money-manager in the story and use the material resources we have now for eternal benefits. Proverbs 23:23 gives us even more specific recommendations for making our i...

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