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Archives for October 2014

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Put Away the Thieves

For many, salvation is limited to a "get out of jail free" card. They pray a prayer or submit to baptism or graduate from confirmation class only to continue to live pestered by impulses and influences that have characterized their previous life. They have some assurance that they will make it into heaven after they die, but they have little hope of being liberated from ...

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Once and Now

In humanity's search for authenticity, we often demand that others accept us as we are and overlook our deficiencies. Of course we all want a break when it comes to our failures, but our demands have often locked us into prisons of defeat....

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The God of Wrath Is Coming

Wrath is a subject that most of us don't like to handle--unless we think someone else deserves it. Many live in fear of the wrath of God and devise plans to appease him. They have determined that God is the expanded version of some anger-filled relative or neighbor who will blow up on you if he is not pleased. Those biblical texts that mention wrath seem to jump off the pa...

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Put to Death...

In contemporary culture, desires rule. In fact, we have even allowed for our identity to be determined by our desires. This leaves little hope for those of us who are menaced by evil desires. What are we to do? If evil desires define us and confine us, then we have no option but to live by their demands. Others will just have to alter their definitions of evil, as well as ...

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