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Archives for June 2014

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The Canceled Debt

It is difficult getting accustomed to being free from debt when you have lived your whole life with its weight. You feel illegal, even ungodly. Actually, many of us demand to continue to live with some measure of debt. It gives some strange sense of comfort and normalcy. We think, "Surely we aren't totally forgiven. We can't just expect to be treated as Jesus the Son is tr...

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Dead and Then Alive

It is true that our spiritual dilemma was much worse than we thought, and Christ's redemption is much greater than we have imagined. Because of our relationship with Adam as well as our own choices to rebel, we were dead in our trespasses. We were cut off from God. He is holy--absolutely good. We were alienated from him and unable to enjoy him or even approach him on our o...

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In The Family

The people of Israel recognized that they were chosen by God and were a peculiar people on the earth. They had been given the Law. They were commissioned to bless other nations by being a kingdom of priests. They were to act as God's son on earth. The sign that they were people of covenant was circumcision. When the new era arrived, it became clear that God had other sheep...

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Filled By Him

Everything God has ever wanted to say, he said in Jesus. He is the complete and final Word of God. It seems that human nature is determined to find some vital information outside of him. We have looked in magic, witchcraft, science, imagination, exotic religious cults, intriguing prophetic predictions, and fanciful interpretations of scripture, but we refuse to believe tha...

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