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Trusting the Trustworthy

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Trusting the Trustworthy

Trust the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (ESV)

     It is foolish to trust those who aren’t trustworthy. It is a sure path to disappointment. There is a mounting heap of broken hearts because of it. “Con men” still get away with millions because people want to believe. In fact, we want to believe so badly that we will trust things that have no capacity to produce what we expect. We trust money to make us secure. It can’t. We trust government to provide what we want. It can’t. We trust the Church to make us better. We trust our marriage to make us happy. And when these entities don’t perform as we expected, we turn on them with blame.

     Who is the Lord that we are invited to trust? He is the one whose eternal love moved him to create a universe where there would be people who could love as he does. After the fatal fall of mankind, he is the one who provided a way for the race to be restored. He is the one who has guided history through many stages with the purpose to display his matchless mercy through Jesus. He was able to grant mankind the dignity of choice, yet bring the climax of history at the appointed time. He is the one who sent his own Son to satisfy justice and make us righteous. He is the one who after raising his Son from the grave, sent the Spirit to live in his people so that they could enjoy the same fellowship with him that the Son has. No one rivals his authority. None compete with his wisdom. He rules over all and does so out of a kind of love that is beyond human creation.

     So, why not trust him? What has he done that would disqualify him as trustworthy? Oh! Maybe he didn’t perform as you expected. He refused to be confined to your small concept of love, or he refused to bring justice as swiftly as you would have. It is true that he retains the right to act according to his own nature, which stretches our understanding beyond its limits. But he has never failed to keep his promise. Never!

     The invitation is to embrace complete trust. It is the only way to enjoy him. If we only partially trust, we are exposing our dependence on other sources. True joy comes when there is no one or nothing that we trust above him. Any part of the heart that trusts something else for what God has promised will be insecure and ill at ease.

     What does he promise? He puts his own character on the line regarding his pledge to “make straight your paths.” He doesn’t take the decision making away from us. He also doesn’t give us a roadmap. He gives himself as a fellow traveler. His presence will be constant and his wisdom available. Regardless of what obstacles lie in the path, he promises to make our steps sure. Sometimes he will remove the obstacles. Other times he strengthens us to climb over, but he assumes responsibility for our straight walk and the surety of reaching the destination.
Solomon experienced his faithfulness as he faced the daunting task of ruling Israel. He only asked that God would grant him the “hearing ear” so he could know at the moment what should be done. We live in the era of the greater Solomon. The very Spirit of God lives in us as his people on earth. The Spirit is the fulfillment of his previous promise. We have him now and he will guide us into all truth.

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