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Retold: The Power of Storytelling

June 19, 2020 to June 21, 2020

All Day

Location: 3135 Village Bend Road, Mineral Wells, TX 76067

Category: TxE Ranch Programs | Coordinator: Samuel Downe

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“The Story” is the issue for us all.

It seems the whole world has finally awakened from the modernism-induced sleep of propositional-ism and recognized that reality really is a story.
There is a story behind every worldview, religion, political position, and culture.
If the underlying story is not true, everything built on it will fall.
Everyone has a story. Some have misinterpreted their own and live in degrees of spiritual, emotional, and relational turmoil.
God has told us the story that is behind all others. In it, he has shown us how to properly interpret our own stories. We can even learn to tell our stories, as well as how to listen to others’ stories, in a way that creates appreciation and honor.

RETOLD: The Power of Storytelling is June 19-21, 2020 at Tesoro Escondido Ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas.

This kind of life-altering truth (in narrative form) will be learned and practiced. There won’t be a dull moment, and you will not want to leave. Join us and learn how to interpret the story of reality by identifying his story and learning how to tell your story. The spaces are filling quickly.

Register today by clicking the REGISTER NOW! button above or below. Or by Phone: 817-267-9224.


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