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FADW - Father & Daughter Weekend Banner - ND


When: February 19-21, 2021

Where: Tesoro Escondido Ranch
Mineral Wells, TX

The bond between fathers and daughters is a special relationship that can define a woman's destiny. A woman's perception of herself is closely linked to what she believes her father thinks of her.

Negative images can damage or even destroy a young woman's self-image and confidence while positive words from her father can boost self-esteem and encourage destiny.

This special weekend will address key issues:

  • What is true beauty and how can women overcome cultural opinions and myths about beauty?
  • Why do daughters need fatherly affirmation?
  • How can fathers continue to communicate affirming messages as their daughters grow from "Daddy's little girl" into confident young ladies?
  • How can fathers and daughters discover God's heart and gain a better understanding of the wonderful destiny God has planned for his daughters?

The cost of the Father & Daughter Weekend is $550 for a father and daughter pair. Daughters must be 15 years or older (fathers can be any age). Space is limited, so we encourage you to register early.



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