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When: Dates Coming Soon!
Where: Tesoro Escondido Ranch
Mineral Wells, TX

In today’s culture, the role of the father has been sadly neglected, yet no relationship is more crucial for a young man than the one with his father. It is through his father that he gains affirmation and purpose and recognizes his destiny. This relationship is designed by God to lead a young man into godly manhood.

The Father & Son Weekend is designed to bring the hearts of fathers and their sons together. By sharing adventures, life experiences, sacrifices, and loads of fun, this retreat encourages fathers and sons to bond in a new way.

  • "He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers..." Malachi 4:6

This weekend also provides a perfect opportunity for fathers to share their vision of true manhood with their sons while pointing them to their heavenly Father.


The culmination of the Father & Son Weekend is a powerful “Rites of Passage” ceremony, built around the virtues of Integrity, Responsibility, and Accountability. Fathers symbolically guide their sons into wisdom, then call them into godly manhood, affirming them as beloved sons before the assembled community of men.

  • "Every boy needs to know when he is a man. Otherwise, he will spend too much time and energy trying to live up to false ideals of what he thinks define a man: a great athlete, a reckless rebel, a successful businessman, or a powerful politician. The affirmation he needs to become a man must come from one thing—a father."

The Father & Son Weekend is designed for young men—age 14 and older—who have considered the importance of embracing their destinies as men of God. “Surrogate” fathers and mentors are encouraged to bring young men who have no father figures in their lives.

The cost of the Father & Son Weekend is $475 for a father and son. Each additional son is $200. Space is limited, so register, early! For more information or to register by phone call our office at 817-267-9224. Or register online by clicking below!



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