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The King Is Here and Everything Has Changed

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A group of teenagers are tragically drawn together after the suicide death of one of their classmates.

In their deep searching for answers to his death they are all drawn to Uncle Herm. Uncle Herm was their friend and mentor. Herm was easy to search with and they met with Uncle Herm on a regular basis.They were a no-name group until one day Paul came rushing in to the discussion with a frenzied look. He had been listening to some radio program proclaiming that events in the Middle East were ripe for the battle of Armageddon to begin right away. This sets the stage for the rest of the book as these group of kids and Uncle Herm explore all of the ‘hot topics’ of the endtimes: Israel, Antichrist, rapture and of course the big one, Armageddon.

Glad to Be Left Behind (188 pages)
Suggested Donation: $14.00

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