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Is It Safe To Hope?

February 1, 2020 Speaker: Dudley Hall Series: Dudley's Monthly Message

Topic: Dudley's Monthly Message Passage: Romans 15:4


As we approach this new year and decade, we hear many voices encouraging us to feel positive about our future. I have heard some playing on the idea of 20/20 eyesight, saying that 2020 is a year of corrected vision and clear perspective.

Others build their hopes on positive thoughts and words that they believe will actually create circumstances that are better. Of course, every new year brings with it resolutions and promises to break bad habits and live better than we ever have. All these mantras, tactics, and promises fall on the eager ears of people who want the future to be better than the past. I certainly fall into that category. The last year was a hard one for me and my family. Along with other difficult obstacles, my precious wife and partner for 52 years died on July 30, 2019. Adjusting is a challenge, to say the very least...

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