Tesoro Escondido Ranch

The Legend of Tesoro Escondido

Many years ago, when the West was truly wild and untamed, a scraggly band of Spanish explorers struggled to cross this new land. With them they carried the spoils of their journey—four wooden, handmade chests brimming over with nuggets of gold.
Only a handful had survived when they reached the banks of the Brazos River. The most perilous part of the journey remained: Comancheria—Comanche Territory. The Spaniards built a raft to float down the Brazo to safety. They made it to Cyclone Bend when the Comanche caught up with them. The Spaniards sought refuge in the bluffs of the Brazos, hiding in the caves in what is now known as Bruton Canyon. The Comanche besieged them and were eventually able to collapse the cave burying the Spaniards and their gold. The gold was never found — leaving hidden treasure along the banks of the Brazos River.

The Gift of the Ranch

Along the banks of the beautiful Brazos River lies the hidden treasure of Tesoro Escondido Ranch. Besides the golden treasure of lore, Tesoro Escondido is a ranch of unspeakable beauty, vitality, and purpose.
The bluffs overlooking the river provide a wide vista of sights and sounds, and offer countless opportunities for hiking, rappelling, climbing and bouldering.
The sandy beaches are perfect for volleyball, picnics, and campfires. Swimming and fishing are available on the river. Or you can simply watch the sunrise over Inspiration Point with a cup of Cowboy coffee. God’s lavish love provided a place perfectly suited to what we need.

The Ministry

Tesoro Escondido Ranch is Kerygma Ventures’ primary venue for retreats and other events. Featuring a main lodge, bunkhouse, classroom, and dining hall, TxE Ranch can accommodate groups of up to 50 as well as more intimate gatherings. The vision for Tesoro Escondido Ranch is to proclaim the kerygma to all who visit and to equip disciples to apply the living Truth to all of life.

Upcoming Events
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